Battle Warrior Brands Crushed the Minnesota Terrain Race Event.

Battle Warrior Brands Crushed the Minnesota Terrain Race Event.

I define this past event as a success. Not because of the event sponsorship, but the victory of imposter syndrome.

You see leading up to this event my journey with the health and supplement company has been such a slow burn. Self talk joining the imposter talk creating a environment that was already lost. You see as you pursue this journey of entrepreneurship, you will have many times where you have to ask yourself if you can hang with the big boys. Companies like 1stPhorm, Redcon, and OH Nutrition, are all multi million/ billion dollar companies killing it daily in this space. Great products, people, and systems that created large market shares. So to me my mind wanted to stop and not compete until I made it to Minnesota.

I knew I was racing, and I knew I placed some skin into the show, so I knew had to get there. All the talk and now its time for the walk. So I knew deep down to couldn’t quit. I knew Friday night I would be wound up and not sleep which was true. A few hours later it was Raceday and time to show the world who I am and that we did!

Perfect location, perfect conditions, and people with perfect mindsets. This was our time to shine and shine we did!

Minnesota was a success and can’t wait to see you at the next two in Chicago and Oshkosh.