Developing Big Moves for Your Life

Developing Big Moves for Your Life

Developing Big Moves for Your Life

By. Chad M Smith 

As we reflect on 2021, most people have a analyze what direction their life was projected.

Did those moves you make get you closer or further away from your goals and dreams?

Did those moves force you to grow, expand your network, and make you transform into a better person?

Now going into 2022, how are we developing our moves that will launch your growth into 2022. 

Lets use mine for example...

"My decision…go ALL IN! Like my motto for 2022…

“I’m already at the place I would be at if I lost everything, so climb to the top. Do what is needed like becoming an author, create content, build businesses (even though some may fail), build your tribe, run those marathons, workout daily, try #75hard and most importantly go all in on your growth.”

Now look at the last line...

"Like I told my friends, what’s the worse thing that can happen…I end up bankrupt and still be where I’m at. The time is now!"

Achieving a phenomenal life is about going ALL IN! Pushing those limits that force you to be uncomfortable and grow into the next level of life. Remember this game is about levels, don't ever forget that! You cannot be a overnight millionaire without putting in the work!  Just like hotels, the best room in the house is always at the top! REMEMBER THAT!

#shield up

-battle warrior-