The “Glowing” Feeling

The “Glowing” Feeling

How do you know your in the right path?? 

My answer…You Know! 

Though out many years I have been constantly reminded to act, talk, walk, and be someone else. Authoritative figures, owners, managers, constantly stood on the look out finding flaws that they could change. Like a caged up hunting dog, I spiraled into addictions and depression because I was force to dampened my creativity.

Just like many, lockdown created many opportunities for people who begged for the restart. People like myself knew this was the only shot to create the business of there dreams, creating content that became life changing. I knew this was my only shot, so I turned off the bullshit and treaded forward. 

Things like authoring, creating blogs, crushing out podcast, and designing apparel are endless avenues that place a smile on my face. Things that make the process enjoyable and rewarding. Areas that spark creativity and exploration. Things that make you feel free! Like enjoying a nice tasteful cigar or editing a friends book. True freedom to have the ability to do the things that make you smile. It’s simple…FREEDOM!

So that “glowing” feeling…

Use my god given abilities to HELP CREATE changing the culture around the world. 

It’s about serving not selfishness.

Why settle for complacency, Change your Culture today! 




-battle Warrior-