Battle Warrior Book

Winning the Fight Against Addiction and Living a Purposeful Life



Battle Warrior was created to give you a practical game plan to help overcome addictions, including  evidential ways to transform your life. These solutions to sobriety will lead you in stages, through the process of overcoming excessive drinking, porn addiction struggles, substance abuse and will also give you the tools that will help you to put a permanent stop to addiction, even if you have tried before and failed. 

In addition to this book, strives at providing the ultimate experience from both mental and physical health. Digging deep into your barriers and teaching you how to create greatness from within. Creating the ultimate Battle Warrior mindset through mental and physical wellness. Take control of your mind, taking control of your fitness and most importantly taking control of your narrative. 

Our Motto "Changing the Culture" all starts with easy-to-use tools that will support you through this critical time of change. Furthermore, the book is a true life tale of recovery that stuns and inspires with virtually every page, and it focuses on how a deep spirituality helped a man conquer his shame, transform his life, which inspired him to dedicate himself to changing the lives of youth around the globe by saving them from the web of addiction. 

This book exposes you to how you can overcome the demon called “addiction” and rise above failure, depression among others.  In this book, you will discover your identity as a warrior, as you learn to love and appreciate yourself. Above all, someone loves you in a way that is unfathomable, and that is Jesus.

 Your time is limited, so take control of yourself and help Change the culture today!