Why Battle Warrior Brands?
People have often asked Why did you start Battle Warrior Brands? Let me break this down to the most simplest way possible by pictures of my past. 

A person who developed into a overcomer. Someone who buried both his creative ability, and trauma, in substance abuse and false sense of life for majority of his life. 
You see this brand was not established because I want to own a “brand”. This "brand" was created because I was there, ran the miles, and lived it. Like many, I had life chewed me up, spit me out like another statistic, and I got sick of watching people do the same. 

So why I created Battle Warrior Brands?? I created Battle Warrior Brands based off of the mindset. The mindset of a warrior that went through and overcame the battle. Its about taking control, strive for a better life through a winners mindset. I challenge myself everyday, the next race, the next obstacle, the next struggle, most important the next day. Its all about showcasing the overcomer and learning